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Cascade ventilation systems are widely used in hospitals, particularly for the ventilation of Operating Theatres. They are also employed in Isolation Rooms, Aseptic Suites, Pharmacies, Sterile Services Departments, Cardiac Catheter Laboratories, Interventional Radiology Suites, CAT 3 Laboratories and other specialist areas.

Operating Theatre Suite ventilation is designed in accordance with Health Service Standard HTM 03-01. These standards require the use of Pressure Stabilisers to give accurate control of pressure between rooms. The rationale behind the standards is to protect rooms in descending order of sterility with a cascade pressure system that allows sterile air to flow from the most sterile to the dirtiest rooms in a series of pressure steps. This works well while all the doors in the theatre suite are closed but cannot cope with open doors which defeat the pressure gradient. Thus the suite is also designed to allow for protection of individual key open doors with a sufficient velocity of air to "sweep away" bacteria and dust from sterile areas to dirty areas. Dual-duty Stabilisers are offered to meet the requirements for door protection.

Isolation Rooms are designed to HBN 4

Sterile Services Departments are designed to HBN 13

Cardiac Catheter Laboratories and Interventional Radiology Suites are designed to HTM03-01

Suitable equipment

The LF Range in standard, fire rated and smoke rated forms are ideal for all hospital applications.

Clean Rooms

Clean rooms facilities frequently use cascade ventilation systems to maintain a sterile environment. Examples of clean rooms: laboratories for industrial use, laboratories for scientific use, laboratories for pharmaceutical manufacturing, clean rooms for electronics manufacturing and clean rooms for food production.

Suitable equipment

The LF and LFM Range in standard, fire rated and smoke rated models are suitable for these applications and can be provided with carbon steel bodies with white polyester coated finish or in Grades 304 or 316 stainless steel which offer excellent chemical resistance.

The W Range is also ideal for pharmaceutical applications. All W Range valves can be removed from their wall sleeves for cleaning purposes without the need for tools.

Protected Escape Routes

Protected escape routes designed to BS EN 12101-6:2005
provides for the pressurisation of protected escape routes from multi storey buildings. Pressurisation is achieved by pumping large volumes of air into the escape stairs and lobbies, which prevents smoke and heat entering them whilst people escape.

Suitable equipment

The T and SP Range are suitable for these applications; they are simple to install and offer a long, virtually maintenance-free working life.

Specialist Industrial Applications

Aercon air pressure control valves and stabilisers are used to control room pressures in many specialist applications, at pressures of from 5 Pa to 500 Pa. These applications are often unique and require specialist design.

Suitable equipment

The X Range pressure relief valves which are shock tested up to 29g are ideal for such projects.